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Scrapbooking is not the ONLY way to take care of Myself

I just got back from a Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat. These events are not just about scrapbooking. They are a form of self-care. A place to get away from [..]

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Mom Get-Aways make us better Mothers

I’m a mom, have been for 17+ years. I worked really hard to become a mom and went through some heartache to get there. However, that doesn’t mean [..]

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I’m So Mad – Should we expect good customer service?

I previously stated in “I’m So Mad – Teens, Self-Esteem and Scrapbooks” that this blog was not really meant to be my rants and raves…but apparently “I’m So [..]

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Weekend Scrapbook Retreats – What’s in it for you?

In a couple of my recent posts:  How-To: Christmas Themed Scrapbook Pages & Meet the Queen of Pages, a reference is made to Weekend Scrapbook Retreats.  Why would [..]

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How-To: Christmas Themed Scrapbook Pages

In my previous post, Christmas and Theme Photo Albums, I gave you a glimpse of my Christmas albums.  It was suggested that I give you a little “how-to”

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Meet the Queen of Pages 2011

One of the ways I thank my customers is through a little contest that goes on throughout the year.  As people work on their photo album pages, they [..]

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