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How To: Using Digital Scrapbooking Software to Create Cards

You might not realize that digital scrapbooking software isn’t only for scrapbooking. I use it for all kinds of creative endeavors including making fine stationery cards.

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Digital Scrapbooking Software Tutorial – Christmas Letterhead

I love receiving Holiday photos and notes about how and what everyone is doing. Last weeks tutorial was on Christmas Cards using Digital Scrapbooking Software. Often when I [..]

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Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial – Fun Fingernails

Yeah, you’re in the right place… Normally, I’m talking about ways you can preserve your memories by creating archival quality scrapbooks, digital scrapbooks or easy pocket-style albums. I [..]

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Scrapbook Journaling – Tell the Story Behind the Picture

Oops, a couple weeks ago in Scrapbook Journaling – The Picture does NOT say it all, I promised I would give an example of a picture to show [..]

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Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial – Easiest Calendar Pages

Ok, here’s me holding up my calendar for this year – it’s time to make next year’s and it’s calendar sale time! I’m running out of time – [..]

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Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial – Clustering Photos

Another quick and easy digital scrapbooking page tutorial… As a Photo Solutions Superhero, I have my share of dastardly villains to deal with.

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Digital Scrapbook Pages – Easy with Templates

  Quick and easy – that’s my preference when it comes to scrapbooking, either digital scrapbooking or traditional paper scrapbooking. There are several techniques you can use with [..]

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Scrapbook Layout Tutorial – Clustering

A lot of people have misconceptions about scrapbooking and how ornate a page has to be. For me, making photo albums has always been about the photos and [..]

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What is Hybrid Scrapbooking?

Previously, I defined the terms: “Traditional Paper Scrapbooking” and “Digital Scrapbooking.” Now that brings me to: “What is Hybrid Scrapbooking?” I don’t get asked about this as often [..]

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Journaling Greek Vacation Travel – Part 6, Mykonos

Previously, I journaled the Santorini part of our Greek vacation. Now, welcome to Mykonos. Two digital scrapbook pages from our vacation photobook are shown below. This is our [..]

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