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New Scrapbook Tools – Personal Trimmer

Every once in awhile in the direct selling scrapbook biz, a re-designed tool comes along. Today I got one of those from my friend – the UPS guy. [..]

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Is Direct Sales a Pyramid Scheme?

I still remember about 14 years ago, I was at the park with my little girl (no longer little.) There was another lady there with her child. We [..]

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Direct Sales Recruiting – Scared to Recruit my Best Customers

Continuing on my Direct Sales Recruiting series, I’m now dealing with this common fear among direct sellers: “If I recruit Betty, I’ll lose my best customer!” This is [..]

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Direct Sales Recruiting – I Don’t Want to be Pushy

Last week I talked about how a Direct Seller might not feel Qualified to Recruit. This time  I’m dealing with the fear of coming across too pushy when [..]

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Are there Problems with Recruiting in Direct Sales?

As a direct seller, one of the things I offer is the opportunity to have your own business. This is known as “recruiting” (or sponsoring, team building, or [..]

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How Do You Stay Consistent in your Direct Sales Business?

I’m coming up on my annual Open House. This means different things to different people in business and direct sales, and even within my industry of Scrapbook Consultants. [..]

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Don’t Be a Scary Direct Seller

In the spirit of Halloween, I was thinking about scary things. I love to be scared. I used to watch the scariest movies, then, have nightmares. My mother [..]

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Direct Sales and Business: Do You Like Me?

As a direct seller I worry about how my actions and words will affect my business. A while back I was reading some twitter drama playing out in [..]

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Direct Selling Entrepreneur Certificate Program

I am a Consultant for a direct selling company. I sell scrapbooking supplies, both traditional and digital as well as perform related services.  Recently, I have become concerned [..]

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Direct Sellers – Is it Ever ok to Brawl Online?

I’m exploring this topic of Direct Sellers Behaving again. When you love a product, it is natural to defend it when someone has attacked. Most direct sellers choose [..]

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