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Digital Scrapbooking – Instant Gratification (almost)

One of the things I love about digital photography in conjunction with digital scrapbooking is the speed at which I can turn around a page. (Just a note [..]

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Scrapbooking a Change of Seasons – in my Closet

Even though I live in a pretty moderate climate, I’ve always changed out the clothes in my closet twice a year. It occurred to me that I’ve never [..]

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Sometimes a Picture Doesn’t Tell the Story

So, what’s her story? You could maybe guess but why should you? Tell the story – it is as important as the picture – sometimes even more important… [..]

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Scrapbooking a Love for Challenges

Funny how a process that is seemingly unrelated can connect you to memories…

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Vote with Loyalty or Integrity?

A little off the photo album/scrapbooking topic, but if someone in my family was participating, there WOULD be a scrapbook page:

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Scrapbooking Alleviates my Stress

Guess what? I may be a Superhero, (Photo Solutions Superhero) but I have my versions of Kryptonite. A lot of them happen to be internally derived, (feel free [..]

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My New Leather Photo Album

I was so excited today when the UPS guy showed up with my new leather photo album photobook. The album was created with digital scrapbooking software. I shared [..]

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Scrapbooking Your Life – Bath Remodel

I never tire of saying it: “Life Belongs in a Photo Album.” Of course, you will find this chronicled in my family scrapbook.

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I’m So Mad – My Money is not for You to Take

Time for another edition (well, this one doesn’t have the oomph of previous “I’m So Mad‘s” – I’m really more mildly irritated and annoyed…) It has happened. If [..]

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Being Thankful for the Little Things

I’m incredibly thankful for the big things that come my way: my wonderful and supportive husband; my daughter; my health. But, as I approached Thanksgiving this year, I [..]

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