My Favorite Fonts for Digital Scrapbooking

One of the fun things about digital scrapbooking is using fun fonts. I favor bold, “fancier” fonts for Titles and a simpler font or one that looks like hand printing for text journaling:

Font example digital scrapbook page 2The title font used on this Birdie page is: “All Over Again“; the text is a standard “Verdana.”

Font example digital scrapbook page 2In the Bear in Traction page, the Title font used was: “30 Pack Girl“; the text font: “A Little Pot.”

So these are my 6 top favorite fonts for TitlingĀ  & Journaling (if you ask me next week it might be different…)

Favorite Title Fonts


Journaling Fonts










Are you a “Font-a-holic?” What’s your favorite?

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