Scrapbooking a Love for Challenges

Blanching Almonds

Blanching Almonds - crazy?

Funny how a process that is seemingly unrelated can connect you to memories…

My maternal Grandmother once observed that I choose to do things that pose a challenge for me. I always loved and respected her, but until that moment, I’m a bit ashamed to say, I underestimated her. She allowed me to see a side of her other than the unconditionally loving, perfect cook and baker – the observational and very astute side (something I think she passed on to me…)

So, what challenge did I decide to take on AND scrapbook – because, you know, Life Belongs in a Photo Album?

Vegan yogurt. Now, I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel, plenty of people have come before me to do this, but the challenge is seeing which one I like and am willing to make on a regular basis. The digital scrapbook page below shows my first attempt – I will NOT be making this one again.

Making Yogurt Scrapbook Page

Since then, I have made several other yogurts that were easier and more productive – heck, I’ve even learned how to crack open a Thai coconut! I still need to adjust the recipes to my tastes. The question is: “Once I master it, will I be done?” Will I continue to make it or move on to another challenge? Or, will I continue to make it AND move on to another challenge?

How about you? Do you have a need to meet personal challenges?

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