Scrapbook Confessions – I Used to Like Pinking Sheers

Old Scrapbook PageHow bad could one of my first scrapbook pages be? Pretty bad…Decorative scissors were just coming into vogue and I re-purposed my pinking sheers from my sewing drawer to my scrapbook bagI now believe you can use them, but I stay away from cutting photos with them and certainly not every photo on the page…

This wasn’t really one of my “firsts” – I scrapbooked as a kid…but it was one of the first after I re-discovered it. I don’t usually judge, scrapbooking is individual and it’s as much about what makes you happy as telling the story and highlighting your photos.

However…this one is laden with so many bad moves I thought I’d share and let you know that we all start somewhere. This is an actual page in one of my family scrapbook photo albums and even though I’m not happy with it now, I don’t change it because as both my  Queen of Attendance and Queen of  Pages for 2011 pointed out, “A good page is a done page…” (not in this case…)

So, I’m going to break this rule guideline. Since I’ve already converted my negatives to digital (a service I offer, by the way.) Next week I’m going to show you how I might handle these photos today, about 20 years later (egads, I had to do the math twice!)

If you are new to scrapbooking, please back…away…from…the…pinking sheers…

What is your confession?

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