How To Get a Perfect Scrapbook Paper Match

Scanned/Printed Paper

Scanned/Printed Paper

I was going to title this: “How To Make the Carpets Match the Drapes in the Scrapbooking World” but realized that I might get some undo attention…

The blog post Creating Your Own Background reminded me of a similar way I used scanning technology in a scrapbook layout. I was putting together a page of an event for my daughter’s 2nd grade class Pioneer performance and couldn’t fine a “perfect” paper color. I had saved the little paper bonnet that she wore and was planning on somehow incorporating on the page, when I thought, “Hey, I can scan and print it out to use as paper!” So, that’s exactly what I did. I laid the bonnet out flat, scanned and printed* it and used my new “designer” paper to mat the photo shown above and for a title box shown in page layout below.

Scrapbook page using scanned paper

Second Graders are so cute...


*Warning: Photo Solutions Superhero geekiness about to occur…In a perfect world you would want to be concerned about the paper you are printing on, as well as the inks – they should meet ISO 18902 standards for photo safety. But our desire to include memorabilia and our design sense sometimes conflicts with this.

So, here is what I do: I use photo album pages, adhesives, paper and pens that meet those standards. When I want to include something like a birthday card, ticket stub or a paper I’ve printed, I treat it like memorabilia – meaning I place it so it doesn’t touch a photo. For my homemade printed paper, I mounted the picture on a photo safe paper first, then the printed paper.

What cool thing would you scan and print for your scrapbook layout?

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