Scrapbooking Alleviates my Stress

Scrapbook page-stressful storyGuess what? I may be a Superhero, (Photo Solutions Superhero) but I have my versions of Kryptonite. A lot of them happen to be internally derived, (feel free to psychoanalyze here.) Here is one of the biggest ones: I’m a catastrophizer…in the sense that I think through most situations to all possible conclusions and some of those are grim.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing, necessarily – it’s a way to prepare myself to react WHEN things don’t go well. As you can imagine this might cause a little anxiety. This is where Scrapbooking comes in handy, both digital scrapbooking and traditional scrapbooking. For me it’s not just a distraction from stressful things, I use it as a therapeutic technique, of sorts. Not only do I get to see the fun times, but I can chronicle the things that didn’t go so well – which turn into sources of amusement, rather than stress. (Distance perspective is a wonderful thing.)

In the traditional scrapbook page above, I share a story about our stressful plane ride from Minneapolis to San Jose – it was much funnier when scrapbooking it…

How do you deal with stress? OR, What is your Kryptonite?

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Pat is a Photo Solutions Superhero specializing in finding simple, painless and quick ways to showcase and enjoy photos and the stories behind them. She's been scrapbooking, well, her whole life, but seriously for over 20 years, and as a business for over 15 years. It's easy to figure out that she loves purple, chocolate, good food and a smile on the faces of the people around her.
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