Scrapbooking the Garden: Apparently We are Eating Green Beans Tonight

Scrapbooking Green Beans

Eee Gads, now she's putting green beans in the scrapbook!

Because life belongs in a photo album, I include our garden in our scrapbook. (This is a digital scrapbook page that I put in a traditional scrapbook album – click to enlarge.)
I’m probably not the best gardener (ok, “probably” is actually “definitely.”) But, I have raised beds in our backyard and grow veges in the Spring to Fall months. I’m not very scientific, methodical or concerted in my efforts. I always grow tomatoes (5 or more varieties) because we really like them and there is NOTHNG like freshly picked, ripe tomatoes.

We usually have some green beans because they are easy to grow, but we find that they are not really our favorite veges, so we “forget” to pick them. I try to choose a non-green variety so that I can see them (those little buggers blend right into their foliage.) Because I don’t always get to them, some go to seed and lie dormant in the soil ‘til the next year.

This year, my favorite Sungold tomatoes are generously sharing space with what looks to be Italian string beans (I THINK I planted those years ago?!) So, apparently we’re eating green beans tonight because I just found a whole bunch of them…

What are the pleasant surprises in your life, and will you put them in a photo album?

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  1. sarah berrett

    The tomato casserole looks yummy! What’s in it besides tomatoes! Hope you survive the green beans :)

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