Journaling Greek Vacation Travel – Part 4, Corfu

Dying Achilles statue (backside)

Dying Achilles (backside)

In Journaling Greek Vacation Travel – part 3, I gave a small view of Venice where we spent a day before our Greek Isle Cruise. Now, I’m taking you to our first island: Corfu – a couple more of our digital scrapbook pages are shown below. This was my favorite stop. I pretty much thought all the Greek Islands would look the same, white buildings, blue sea – but Corfu is different. They get more rainfall so it is a much greener island.

The first stop was a visit to the Achilleion, built by the Empress of Austria Elisabeth of Bavaria, also known as Sisi. Our guide was very knowledgeable and talked at great lengths about the art, artifacts, and history. Sisi lived a tragic life and was obsessed with beauty, fashion and her weight (most think she was probably anorexic and a hypochondriac.) I just loved the Dying Achilles statue (Achilleas thniskon) – I’ve never seen a statue that moved me like that. Even before the guide mentioned it, I noticed the strained veins and exquisite detail – it, along with the view from the garden took my breath away, (well, and the sublime buttocks too.)

The other main part of this trip was a traditional Greek luncheon (feta, Tzatziki, peppers, olives, salad, sausage, meat stew and more) at the famous Tripas Tavern. They were just so wonderful about accommodating our special diets. Since daughter is pescetarian, they made a special dish of fried fish – really not necessary since there was so much other food. We tasted Ouzo – I  wouldn’t go out of my way to get it. We were also entertained by some traditional Greek dancers. At one point the man picked up a table with his teeth!

the Achilleion in Corfu the Achilleion in Corfu, Greece

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  1. Fabulous photos, great pages and I love how much writing you did. So many people just caption their photos and never really tell the story of their vacation. You are demonstrating here how important that is. And I love the buttocks too! :-) Your description of this statue reminds me of my feelings when I saw Michelangelo’s David in Venice. I actually cried seeing that piece of art. I have great photos of a great vacation and I’m about to make my album from it. You’ll see them soon on my site!

    Susan Berland
    A Picture’s Worth

  2. Loved your description of the Dying Achilles. I understand that feeling. It’s the one I got when I saw Michaelangelo’s David in Florence. At first, I didn’t understand why everyone was so amazed by the statue. Then as I stood there, I began to see, truly see the artistry and the feelings came. I wanted to take it home with me. And I didn’t want to leave it! I could feel the power in his arm and seeing the veins and sinews in his muscles. He came alive for me. Amazing talent to make marble almost feel alive. Love your photos too!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!
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  3. Love your pics and even though I’m British I have never managed to get to Greece. I hope to remedy that one day. My husband is a very keen photographer so we always come back from our many trips with more photos than I know what to do with! It’s lovely to have such great memories though.
    Louise Edington
    Breaking Through Online Frontiers

  4. So many places I want to visit. Authentic Greek food sounds superb right now, but I guess I’ll have to settle for Daphne’s. I’ve tried Ouzo too, and I agree. We need to find the time to work on putting some digital albums together. I like the pages with the story on there as a photo journal. Between hubby and me, we can do some incredible work as witness by the wedding album we created for a friend/client and the digi scrap I do for invitations, etc. but they are so time consuming and just not at the top of the list. We barely get the photos uploaded to our smugmug account. I’m not sure I’ve even seen the photos from her summer recital yet.

  5. Wow, you are so fortunate to have been able such marvelous places! I so enjoy experiencing some of these marvels vicariously, and the food and beauty and character that you describe in Corfu are so intriguing! Love your photos and how you used them in your scrapbook! It’s funny, but as I looked at the photos of the statue you show, I could feel the power and emotion and drama…and that is only from the photos! I can only imagine how it must have impacted you seeing it right before your eyes. Amazing! I look forward to seeing more of your scrapbook pages!

  6. The trip sounds amazing! The wonderful pictures and detailed writing make the trip come alive for those you see your scrapbook.

    I am not the best person at remembering to take pictures, whether it be on a daily basis or on vacations. I usually take photos of my family members on vacation, not the great scenery. I’ll have to work on that!

  7. Ok, for some reason I focused on the description of the food. Making me hungry just reading about it! Maybe because I love Greek food anyway. Your trip sounds truly amazing. The fact that you are great at photography and documenting everything is wonderful. You have motivated me to put our New York vacation pictures in some kind of order and tell our story, too. Although clearly not as exotic as the Greek Isles! Beautiful pictures you posted.

  8. Wow what beautiful photos. Did you take them? I have never really traveled much outside the US and havent really been called to do so yet, but when I see the Majestic photos of statues and buildings it makes me want to be there and take in the beauty of each of them. It makes me feel the consciousness of the individuals who created these things with there own hands. What wonderful Spirits they were. Im sure its one of those moments when one stares in Awe at the detail that unfolded through these artists. Thank you for sharing your Journey

  9. Just like your part 3 post of this trip, I am so inspired by your scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is a hobby I have been doing since I was about 8 years old. With the start of two new businesses and my 3 kids, I just don’t have (make) time for it anymore. I’m curious, do you do any traditional scrapbooking anymore or all digital? Digital seems to be the way and probably makes the most sense for me right now it terms of time constraints. Thanks for sharing!

  10. This was so beautifully shared, Pat–both verbally and pictorially. I especially appreciated hearing how the statue of Dying Achilles moved you, along with a touch of your trademark humor. Of all the ways that travel broadens and opens us, I think it is the direct experience of the unfamiliar that we take into ourselves and make our own, that has the greatest affect. And! I learned a new word, which I always love: pescetarian. Original? Or just something I’ve missed in my language jaunt about life? And it goes without saying, but I will anyway, that your pages are exquisite. I am absolutely unable to conceive of how you do that on vacation, which impresses me even more.

    • patzahn

      Thanks Maridel. I did not invent the word pescetarian – my daughter constantly corrects me if I say she is a vegetarian who eats fish… Thanks for the compliment – though it is technically possible to digital scrapbook with my laptop while on vacation, I did not – I made the pages once I got home. I quite enjoy not being “plugged in” while traveling.

  11. Oh Greece is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, I was just so unsure of the food and thought I might starve. But I’ve seen pictures and they are beautiful and that would be worth seeing. You have a great visual eye and describe things very well that a visual person like me can just see it as if I were there myself. What is a pescetarian?

  12. Pat I love the pictorial & word descriptives your trip, taking me back to my first visit to Corfu. Many years ago and sadly I dont remember the Palace Achilleion, if only I had know about the magnificent buttocks! I love Greek food, dancing and I got very familiar with Ouzo and Retsina. There are a couple of outstanding Greek festivals in the Bay Area complete with dancing and traditional food. Labor day weekend brings the Belmont Greek festival alive. So much fun. You get to dance, stamp your feet and cry Yassoo. There is something so beguiling about those Greek rooms to a designer :)
    Dont stop travelling with your camera and diary.

    Jennifer Duchene
    The Home Makeover Mixtress blending lifestyle, laughter and Chic Cocoons™

  13. Once again its like I was there…..amazing photos! And the buttocks, lol! What intricate detail, the statues, buildings and scenary are beautiful. You obviously had a fabulous time in Corfu, making the rest of us want to plan our next vacation! I am still in awe of your (and Susan’s) albums, stunning….magical almost. You both are inspiring me, you’d be happy to know that I am making a scrap book of the summer with my little sister, the first of many I hope! I did buy 2 books (a little overzealous) but I am determined, hehehe. Thanks again for sharing, and inspiring me to have these albums….preserving the past for my kids!

    Rita Brennan Freay

  14. Pat,
    Thank you for opening a window into your trip and sharing with wonderful images and words about you trip. This is great inspiration to organize my photos from various adventures. I work with my clients to help them recognize the precious moments that happen everyday that can slip by without noticing. Scrap booking is a great way to pause, reflect and create treasures that are meaningful for us.
    Blessings of Health,
    chris arcucci
    Who says a woman can’t cultivate her super powers in a dress?!

  15. Hi Pat,
    I always enjoy how you tell a story, and looking at your beautiful photos and scrapbook pages. Sounds like you’ve found a terrific way to capture some pleasant memories of wonderful adventures. I just thought: These are digital photos, right? Is there currently available some way to “scrapbook” videos? This would be like the moving newspaper photos in “Harry Potter”. If there isn’t such a “scrapbook” yet, trust me, there will be one soon. And if you want to invent it yourself, you may have my idea. No charge.

  16. Those are nicely carved buttocks!
    Oh Sorry!!! Forgot I was commenting on the blog not the photo! But you make it ever so enticing to just notice the photos …. how DO you do that?
    My last great vacation was my honeymoon. TONS of photos. Not sure we have tons worthy of an album though. Yes, I just admitted that my honeymoon and one of my memorable/wonderful trips is not yet memorialized in album form. Please don;t ask me to divulge where said photos are being kept.
    Yvonne Elm Hall

  17. Picked up a table with his teeth? Ouch…sounds painful – LOL! Your trip sounds like it was a lot of fun. I’ve never been to Greece and it made me want to go…of course, could just be the mention of Greek food (which I love!) and that it is almost breakfast time…Great picture of the statue and yes, “sublime buttocks” that can be appreciated by all. :-)

  18. Pat, I love all of your stories. I feel like I was there with you. I’m sure your photo albums are amazing with the amount of journaling you do. You are building wonderful family keepsakes.

  19. Greece is my second home…love the people, the country and the food. Did you try the ouzo with a little water in it? It really is a drink meant to be sipped while eating octopus or some other strong seafood. I love it but watch out it will sneak up on you.

    I take crazy amounts of pictures and am working now to get them all into a book…thanks for great ideas on how to organize them all.

    Devoted to finding all things delicious

  20. Should expected that you would love the Greek food! Try to “bring this” at home, meaning that you can easily create a full horiatiki salad dish and combine it with Ouzo, that you might got from Corfu :)

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  22. Wonderful photos – very well done! I always enjoy reading and seeing everything about Greece – have a soft spot for Greece. I’ve never been to Corfu, we usually go to Halkidiki. But I hope to see Corfu too one day.

    Sithonia Greece Travel Guide

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