Meet the Queen of Attendance 2011

Queen of Attendance 2011

Queen Perk: T-shirt

Last post you met the Queen of Pages.  Now, take some time to meet the Queen of Attendance 2011.  Throughout the year, I tally how many times customers attend my events and the winner is crowned Queen and gets to attend all regular workshops in the next  year for free!  All you have to do to be in the running for Queen is be my customer (attend one of my events and/or make a purchase from me) and follow the QUEEN RULES.

So, without further ado:  The Queen of Attendance for 2011…tatatatatatatatata…Sarah Johnson.

Sarah is a busy mom of 3 active boys and a middle school math teacher.  She does Queen of Scrapbook Attendance 2011traditional scrapbooking and her secondary title might be the “Queen of no-nonsense” – she keeps it simple and has been crowned Queen of Pages in the past.  I asked Sarah some questions and hope this busy mom will inspire you to create albums.

Q: When did you start scrapbooking?
A: I started when my boys were little, probably about 16 years ago (agh!!)

Q: Why do you make albums?
A: There are many reasons I scrapbook:

  • I now have a record of my & my families lives (growth, vacations, holidays)
  • It’s a creative outlet for me, I’m now a much more visual thinker and I love going through the photos and remembering events and experiences.
  • It’s a hobby, something to add to my working mom/housewife life.
  • It’s a social outlet, I’ve made many friends over the years through scrapbooking; it’s like a modern day quilting bee.

Q: Is it easy for you?
A: It’s easier now, “a good page is a done page” (Author note:  Hmmm, I must have said this many times, as the Queen of Pages repeated it also…)

Q: A lot of people think it is time-consuming, what is your secret for getting so many pages done?
A: Stick to a theme, use one of the new color palettes (she’s talking about Power Palette Systems) and just use it throughout your album. I don’t do a lot of “fussy” (i.e., decorative) pages the point is to showcase your photos not to add a lot of pizzazz.  When I look back at my albums (I have over 25 albums) the ones I enjoy most have simple pages which elegantly tell the story.

Q: How does it feel to be the Queen?
A: Exciting!  I finally win!


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