House Concert in my Scrapbook

Have you ever hosted or been to a House Concert? I had the pleasure of hosting one last April with Turnstile Art and Music – it was Fun! I have a lot of chairs, tables, TV trays, so I decided I wanted it to look like a little club. We invited people, had some light libations and snacks and, oh yeah, someone to perform… Read more »

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How to Put Your Child’s Art in Photo Albums

Scanned Memorabilia

Scanned Memorabilia

End of school year is a good time to get control of your children’s artwork and school memorabilia, like certificates, report cards or notes they got from friends. Read more »

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Crazy Things I did as a Kid – My Hair

Mia grow hair doll


I’m a pretty intelligent person with a reasonable IQ, but when I was a kid, I did some really not-so-bright things – kind of wish there were some pictures for the scrapbookRead more »

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Inspiration and the Family Photo Album

Life Inspiration digital scrapbook page

What am I making?

I often find inspiration in unlikely places. However, others, it’s pretty obvious. If you watch the Food Network or Cooking Channel often enough, you are bound to either eat yourself into oblivion and/or cook something… Read more »

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Scrapbooking my iPhone

Scrapbook iPhone Case

Custom Phone Case

So, this week I “Superhero’d” my iPhone with a custom phone case. I chose to go fully custom, by using my digital scrapbook software Read more »


Scrapbooking and Entertaining

Wine Glass ID

Wine Glass ID

Sometimes when you are entertaining, it comes in handy that you are a scrapbooker. I recently hosted a house concert for Turnstile Art & Music for their 1st event. The artist: Bryan Harrell – I happen to be a fan (a good reason to be the host.) Read more »

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Why Does the Word Scrapbooking Bug Me?

Scrapbook Photo Collage

Scanned Original Scrapbook Page

I prefer the term “album making” to “scrapbooking”. Seems weird that someone who teaches and does this for a living has a problem with the word: Scrapbooking…(aside from the fact that it’s not really a word) Read more »

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“Kids Say the Darnedest Things” in your Scrapbooks


Piglet Spots

Do you include the things your kid(s) say in your scrapbooks, photo albums, or photo books?

When my daughter was little she had an interesting way of saying things Read more »

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Receiving Graciously

Thank YouDo you receive gifts graciously?

I came across this TED talk by Amanda Palmer the other day via a facebook post. It caught my eye, because my daughter is a fan of her music. Read more »

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Scrapbooking and Digital Scrapbooking: Let’s talk about Over-Cropping

Scrapbook Cropping and Over-Cropping


It’s time…time to talk about Over-Cropping in your scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking and general album-making. It’s a mistake we all make, once we get over the fear of cutting our photos in the first place Read more »

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